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Muqqabla is a hyperlocal app that works to enhance your shopping experience and introduces you to the most exciting deals in the market. You can avoid overwhelming delivery charges and help yourself create a whole new set of crazy outdoor memories. Muqqabla gives you a chance to explore your city in the most beautiful way. It allows businesses to discover, grow and develop a loyal client base. As an app, it has something in store for everyone.


  • Curb delivery charges

  • Enhanced outdoor experience

  • Exciting coupons and deals

With the growth in online businesses during the past few years, we believe that physical stores have been overshadowed. Local firms have employed a significant part of their resources in digital marketing and yet, they have found it difficult to manage a decent footfall at their store. We, as enthusiastic shoppers who value experiences more than anything else, realized that the situation could not really improve without an intervention. Magnificent Muqqabla is here to help local businesses as well as customers for an authentic experience.

Enjoy Local Shopping in Bangalore

Welcome to Muqqabla local shopping in Bangalore, the revolutionary app that is poised to transform the local shopping experience. An unmatched shopping adventure where each shopping trip becomes an exhilarating adventure, brimming with unparalleled deals and extraordinary savings.

Muqqabla presents you with a user-friendly app, effortlessly unveiling the crème de la crème of shopping deals and offers available right within your vicinity, ensuring you remain informed, never skipping a beat when it comes to the hottest deals around you. Muqqabla is more than just a platform for great discounts, It also serves as a key to unlocking hidden gems and procuring those indispensable items that enhance your shopping experience.

Our Platform not only brings exclusive discounts but also creates a sense of community and encourages shoppers to support local vendors.

Become a part of the growing community of smart shoppers and embrace the future of shopping. Muqqabla local shopping in Bangalore - Redefining the very essence of your shopping endeavors!

From Coupons to Cashbacks

Ready to take your savings to the next level?

Uncover the best shopping offers in Bangalore and gain exclusive access to mind-blowing deals and irresistible offers and discounts on stores near you.

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